About Our Center

The mission of Kelly's Kids Learning and Development Center is to provide an enriching environment for children to learn through real-life, hands-on experiences in a safe and loving atmosphere. At Kelly's Kids, we recognize that each child is an individual, and learns at his/her own level and in many ways.

Kelly Kiihne began working in childcare centers while she was in college studying to be an interior designer. She grew up in Lincoln and spent a lot of time babysitting as a young adult. Working in childcare came to her naturally. She became so attached to the kids under her care that she would talk about them as “my kids”, a statement that was noticed by anyone that knew her.

Eventually Kelly’s interest in interior design was overtaken by her desire to invest in the lives of children. She transferred from UNL to South East Community College to study early childhood education. During her school years she continued to work at local childcare centers, often working at multiple centers on any given day.

After completing her studies at SCC, she worked as a nanny for two families as she began preparations to open her own childcare business. Throughout this process Kelly remained attached to the children in her care. It was more than a job, she treated these children as if they were her own. When it was first suggested that she call her new center “Kelly’s Kids” she protested. With a little encouragement and an understanding that the kids that would attend her center would indeed be “her kids”, she came to accept that Kelly’s Kids did fit.

Kelly Kiihne is the director of Kelly’s Kids Learning and Development Center. The center includes a number of dedicated teachers, hand picked by Kelly for their care giver qualities. And even though the center has Kelly’s name over the door, it is the staff in total that make Kelly’s Kids a special place.

Kelly’s Kids Learning and Development Center Inc. is the legal name. Kelly’s Kids isn’t a university, or an academy, or a college, but the addition of the terms Learning and Development are intended to convey that this is indeed a place where you as a parent can expect your child to learn many valuable and positive things and to develop in many positive ways.