Kelly's Kids Learning and Development Center is a brand new building, built specifically for the purpose of caring for children in northwest Lincoln. The hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, cafeteria, and outdoor play area are all designed to fit the unique needs of children. Classrooms feature child height sinks and toilets, as well as carpeted and tiled floors. All toys and materials are brand new, age appropriate, and lead free. Safety is a top priority at Kelly's Kids. To ensure the safety of all individuals in the center, there are observation windows in the interior walls, and a front door lock and keypad so that only those individuals allowed in the center have access. The center includes two ADA compliant adult bathrooms. We have a commercial grade kitchen where healthy meals and snacks are prepared daily for children and staff. Our outdoor play area is divided into parts, and includes a brand new Backyard Adventures play structure specifically designed for preschoolers. The infant and toddler area has equipment more appropriate for younger children.


  • Infant Room: This room can accommodate up to 8 infants, and features plush carpet for crawlers. The ratio in this room is never greater than 1:4 with additional assistance from support care staff. As an added comfort feature, radiant heat panels in the ceiling supplement the central heating system to assure a cozy environment year round.
  • Peach Toddler Room: This room is for older infants/young toddlers. Infants move to this room when they are between 10 to 12 months old. They will stay in this room until they're at least 18 months old. this room begins a weekly themed curriculum with age appropriate activities and a corner climber next to a low window.
  • Yellow Toddler Room: This room is for children who are not yet potty trained. The ratio in this room is 1:6. It features extra space for active toddlers and also includes a special potty training facility within the room. This room continues the same type of themed curriculum with age appropriate activities.
  • Green Preschool Room: This room can accommodate up to 20 children. The ratio in this room is 1:10. Transition is based more directly on development than strictly by age, however children must be mostly potty trained to be in this room. We focus on learning letters and numbers, as well as shapes and colors, in addition to the weekly themed curriculum activities.
  • Blue Pre-Kindergarten Room: This large classroom will accommodate up to 24 children, ages 4-5. The ratio in this room is 1:12. This room continues to enhance learning letters, the child's name, math and science activities, and an occasional food activity within the weekly themed curriculum.

Additional Info

All of the classrooms feature windows in exterior walls for lots of natural light, and safety glass windows in interior walls that provide activity monitoring for staff and visiting parents. The center also features a dedicated cafeteria located in the center of the building, away from all exterior walls. This large room with it’s reinforced construction and safety glass interior windows also serves as our severe weather shelter. It is large enough to accommodate everyone in the building. It also features a video projection system for special use as a multipurpose room. The fenced outdoor play area is nearly 3,000 square feet, three times the minimum licensing requirement for our facility. It features an age-appropriate play structure, and a dedicated area with equipment designed for toddlers. The larger area with the play structure features 100% recycled tire rubber mulch from recycled Nebraska tires. The smaller area is currently under renovation, but will soon feature rubber tiles and a deck, and will be a versatile space where children can ride trikes or play with other toys, and will be safe for all ages. We also have a fenced grass backyard area that runs the full length of the building and playground, allowing us to do sprinkler play in the summer and other activities year-round (weather permitting).