Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I schedule a tour and meet the directors of Kelly’s Kids?

A: Call (402) 477-4901. You can speak with the Director Kelly, or the Assistant Director Mikaela. They will answer any questions you may have, and will give a tour of our facility. Appointments can be scheduled during business hours.

Q: Is there a parent handbook that answers many of these questions in detail?A: Yes. We have prepared a parent handbook that details our center policies. Anyone scheduling a perspective enrollment meeting will be provided with a copy of the handbook.

A: Yes. We have prepared a parent handbook that details our center policies. Anyone scheduling a perspective enrollment meeting will be provided with a copy of the handbook.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: Payment for childcare service is paid in advance, every other Monday. We accept cash, checks, or money orders.

Q: Do you accept state aid?

A: In Nebraska this is referred to as Title 20. The State of Nebraska, through several programs, provides financial aid on a needs basis to cover childcare. The state pays the funds directly to the childcare provider. The provider voluntarily enters into a contract with the state to provide this service. Kelly’s Kids Learning and Development Center is now accepting a limited number of Title 20 enrollments.

Q: Why is childcare so expensive?

A: We realize that paying for childcare can be a major part of your household budget. Providing quality childcare in a safe environment with trained staff is a complex undertaking, much more than babysitting on a grand scale. A commercial childcare center is very much like a public school, however, it is totally paid for with private funds. While at first glance the facility might seem like the major expense, it is actually the cost of providing payroll, for the staff, that eclipses all other expenses. Having stated this, it should be noted that people who choose to enter the childcare field do so because they love kids, not for financial gain. This statement is true for the teachers, it is also true for the owners/operators of childcare centers.

There are many childcare options in Lincoln, from in-home to church based to commercial centers. All childcare providers struggle with finding a balance between charging enough to meet payroll and operating expenses, and providing quality care at a cost that parents can afford. Commercial childcare centers are not non-profit, but the term break even is a better fit than profitable to describe most operations.

When we established our initial fee structure it was based on a careful analysis of our overhead, our child to teacher ratios, and a fair wage necessary to attract qualified and energetic teachers and support staff. The ratios for younger children and infants in particular are much lower, and as a result the fee for younger children is higher. This is the case with other caregivers across Lincoln. Once we had these cost analysis figures we compared them to the average cost of care from 15 similar centers located in Lincoln. Our cost analysis numbers were within a few dollars per week of the average Lincoln rates. This process confirmed our belief that it is the love of kids that bring people into this venture, not the love of money.

Q: Do you accept children with disabilities?

A: The answer to this is generally yes. We are happy to assess the appropriateness of Kelly’s Kids Learning and Development Center as a fit for children with special needs. Federal laws govern the terms of acceptance, and we are happy to discuss needs on an individual basis. Our center meets all of the latest ADA and safety requirements as of 2008 building codes.

Q: Do you have a bus or will you pick up and/or drop off?

A: Kelly’s Kids Learning and Development Center was designed and built specifically to meet the needs of children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. We do not offer before and after school care to school age children. For this reason, we do not provide pick-up and delivery services to area schools or any other location.

Q: Do you have a part time program?

A: We will do our best to accommodate a limited number of part time openings. In our young toddler room we have 4-day care available, and in our toddler, preschool, and pre-kindergarten classrooms we offer both 3 and 4 day care. Infant care is only available on a full-time basis. Please call to inquire if we currently have space, or check the website home page under the announcements for openings.

Q: What is your program like?

A: Our infant room has toys and books at floor level for easy access to the infants. Teachers will provide enriching activities, such as music and movement, in addition to sensory and art activities appropriate for their age and developmental level.

Our toddler classrooms include a curriculum designed for toddlers that teachers will incorporate into daily activities. Teachers will work with toddlers one-on-one throughout the day when they are ready to learn potty training skills in a positive and caring manner.

Our preschool classrooms include an environment specifically planned for this age group, with developmentally and age-appropriate learning centers that will interest them. The classroom also includes a curriculum designed for preschoolers that our teachers will incorporate into daily activities. This curriculum will enrich their experience at Kelly's Kids and help to prepare them for kindergarten.