Our meals are prepared fresh daily in our center. We have a commercial level kitchen and professional cooks to ensure that we are feeding your child healthy, well prepared meals and snacks. We prepare breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack for the infant and toddler classrooms, and the preschool & prekindergarten classrooms do not have the morning snack. All meals meet state health guidelines. Infant milk/formula and baby food must be provided by parents. Our menus are on a 6 week rotation for Spring/Summer, and another 6 week rotation for Fall/Winter. We will feature fresh vegetables and fruits when available and use wheat bread and whole grains whenever possible. The majority of the food is homemade with recipes from the director, the cooks, and sometimes staff bring in recipes to try! Each week, the menus will be posted on a bulletin board in your child's room as well as here on the website.

Below are the menus for the current rotation so that you can quickly and easily see what is being served during the current 6 week menu rotation. Parents are welcome to join us for lunch. We ask that you notify us 1 day ahead so that the cooks can be prepared. Thanks!